Make Organizing Events Easier.

The event platform that removes the worry
from event organization.

Basic Features

EventRegist allows anyone to easily promote their event, collect funds or pre-registrations and to manage attendees. [scene] Private events, Community events, Party etc.

Typical functions
  • Create Event Page

    You can create an event page just by setting the event name, dates and a ticket. You can choose a custom URL and your own design and if you set a password you can make it an unpublished private event.

  • Analytics

    You can check the number of registrants and page views with a simple graph. You can also get breakdowsn by ticket type, or other data points and output the data as a CSV file.

  • Check-in App

    Using the check-in app for organizers, you can admit attendees smoothly and quickly by either scanning a QR code or using a list.

  • Downloading the Attendee List

    Formats other than just CSV are available for download. For example, you can download name labels with QR codes attached for printing.

Premium Features

Our premium features include features that you won't be able to do without for corporate events or trade shows. [scene] Business conferences / Private shows, Seminars, Trade shows etc.

Typical functions
  • Timetable settings

    You can easily create an event without multiple concurrent sessions and control the numbers that apply for each session.

  • Issuing Promotion Codes

    You can issue a discount code for relevant tickets that provides either a discount rate or a discount price. You can track analytics of how the code has been used. You can also sell "secret tickets" to those who enter a code.

  • Attendee Tracking

    You can track each event attendee through check-ins within the event - not just at the entrance.

  • Creating your own Survey

    You are free to set your own form fields and utilize it for purposes such as conduscting a survey when the attendee signs up for the event.

Event Operations Support

For everything from seminars to business events to trade shows, EventRegist provides total support starting from planning through to the actual event. We listen to the demands of clients to produce smoothly run events. We also provide check-in support on the day of the vent.